Telecom operators

While both small and large enterprises are interested in taking advantage of the productivity and cost-saving benefits of unifying voice, messaging and collaboration applications, many want to avoid the operational burdens and capital expenses of deploying

The AX/4000 Broadband Test System is the leading system for validating multi-service switches, ATM mobile backhaul and broadband access devices and services.

Ensure QoS on Your Business Services Offerings With Proactive Service Management Enterprises have little patience or loyalty when network and service performance impacts business performance in an adverse way. It might take only one or two outages before

Improve VPN Reporting, Capacity Planning and Quality of Service Today’s network services and applications demand greater bandwidth and come with increasingly high user expectations for quality, dictating that communication service providers (CSPs)

The cloud service business model (on-demand, self-service, pay as you go) allows enterprises to be much more agile in delivering new services and replying to end-user business requirements. It also represents a dramatic shift in the way enterprises will

Whether developing navigation algorithms, performing vendor selection, evaluating receiver variants or establishing the performance of a PND under real world conditions you will need a repeatable representative high quality GPS signal. And sometimes testing

“The ideal solution for high volume, Multi-GNSS manufacturing environments”

The GSS5700 simulates Wi-Fi network elements to enable lab-based testing of the latest Wi-Fi positioning technology. The GSS5700 can work as a stand-alone test instrument, or in conjunction with Spirent’s GPS/GNSS and automated location test products.

Spirent’s GSS4200 offers the leading multi-channel simulation solution to A-GPS protocol conformance testing in high volume manufacturing environments.

Spirent Network Impairment Emulators enable users to accurately create the delays and impairments that occur over live production networks for validating and evaluating new products and technologies.

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