Ethernet Mobile Backhaul

Optimize the Cost and Performance of Ethernet Mobile Backhaul Across the world, networks are experiencing unprecedented mobile data traffic growth—something that’s not surprising considering the increase in mobile devices and of users wanting to ac

One domain that this increasing traffic is significantly impacting is the mobile backhaul infrastructure, where legacy technology struggles to cope with the data influx, and operators have no choice but to look at cost-efficient and scalable Carrier Ethernet as a means to combat the viral growth in traffic.

Although this evolution to Ethernet mobile backhaul might appear a straightforward migration strategy, it introduces significant challenges for mobile operators. These challenges include:

  • Assuring the performance of emulated traditional technologies over Carrier Ethernet
  • Guaranteeing the same end-to-end service quality as provided with traditional, legacy mobile backhaul networks
  • Rightsizing Ethernet backhaul infrastructure relative to mobile data traffic levels, demographics and geographies

InfoVista offers a broad range of capabilities to address these challenges via its VistaInsight® for Networks solution with the InfoVista Mobile Knowledge Pack (for managing the IP transport network, mobile data core, voice core, Ethernet backhaul and radio access network (RAN)), and VistaLink® for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM (which targets Alcatel-Lucent IP and Ethernet backhaul environments). Together, these products provide an excellent network performance management and service performance assurance solution for today’s—and tomorrow’s—IP-transformed mobile infrastructure and services.
Using InfoVista’s Ethernet mobile backhaul solutions, such as VistaInsight® for Networks and VistaLink® for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM, service providers can:

  • Detect network performance degradation and remotely troubleshoot mobile cell sites in real time, enabling operations teams to efficiently maintain maximum service uptime
  • Monitor and maintain voice quality while preparing for streaming data services and the need for end-to-end mobile data quality
  • Capitalize on the scale and cost efficiencies of Carrier Ethernet by achieving the right balance between network sizing and quality
  • Empower engineering and operations teams to make the right planning and design decisions for IP/Ethernet in the IP-RAN
  • Provide SLA verification and guarantees for fixed, cable and metro providers that are wholesaling transport infrastructure to mobile operators

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