Avalanche The Ultimade 10G layer 4-7 testing solution

Spirent’s Avalanche™ 3100 appliance solution provides multi 10Gbps capacity, security and performance testing for network infrastructures, Web application infrastructures and Triple Play services ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experi

The Avalanche 3100 is a line rate, 1 Gbps and 10Gbps Layer 4-7 multi-protocol stateful traffic performance solution that is capable multi 10Gbps of stateful application traffic generation. The Avalanche 3100 also leads the industry as a high throughput security tester with over 6Gbps of bulk encrypted traffic generation capabilities. Avalanche 3100 users now have the ability to test devices to their ultimate limits at line rate simulating daily business traffic and understand the impact under worst case scenarios of network faults and attacks.

  • 20Gbps Line Rate Stateful Traffic: Provides the capability to generate line rate stateful traffic up to 10Gbps allowing trunk ports to be directly tested or determine the impact of multiple GigE ports being aggregated over 20Gbps - in addition the Avalanche 3100 is capable of bidirectional testing and can operate in excess of 35Gbps from a single 3100 appliance.
  • Enormous Capacity: The Avalanche standard configuration can support over 12 million open TCP connections. For larger scale connectivity needs, such as carrier class firewalls and other edge devices, the Avalanche 3100GT configuration can support an industry leading 25 million open connections.
  • Expandable: The Avalanche 3100 is built for the future with a scalable design that allows a future upgrade for up to 4 x 10Gbps ports –each can be independently reserved and is cable of client or server operation.
  • The Most Advanced Load Profile: Flexible load profile offers testers the flexibility to specify load variables such as connections per second, concurrent connections, transactions per second, new user sessions per second and concurrent users.
  • Spirent TestCenter Compatible: Avalanche is also available on Spirent TestCenter in a number of scalable 1G and 10G configurations for over 60Gbps of line rate layer 4-7 traffic and over 60 Million sustained connections on a single modular chassis.




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