Application Performance Management

5View™ Application Performance Management Solutions For business service providers, it’s no longer enough to simply deliver traditional IP-VPN and Ethernet connectivity. Today’s enterprise customers are looking for visibility to better understand

InfoVista’s application performance management solutions for advanced business services enable business service providers to meet these increasing enterprise demands for application visibility, application usage management, application response management, application performance monitoring, and application performance optimization and reporting services.

5ViewServiceDataManagerThe products, including InfoVista 5View™ Service Data Manager (with its 5View™ Application Usage Manager and 5View™ Application Response Manager options) and InfoVista 5View™ Application Optimization Manager, provide value in stand-alone fashion, but also interoperate and compliment InfoVista’s award-winning VistaInsight® for Networks performance management solution, enabling you to:

  • Profitably enhance your services portfolio by offering advanced business services that address the critical market needs for business application usage and performance visibility and WAN optimization monitoring
  • Use application traffic analysis and NetFlow monitoring to prioritize business-critical applications, troubleshoot performance problems, intelligently advise customers on bandwidth optimization opportunities, and provide greater strategic value
  • Use application response metrics for monitoring and ensuring appropriate application performance levels and for baselining prior to deployment of application acceleration technology
  • Reduce the deployment complexity and costs associated with collecting and analyzing service usage data from multiple customer premises
  • Improve customer service and retention through proactive service assurance and faster reaction times
  • Improve operational efficiency, cross-functional troubleshooting and problem resolution via an optional, interoperable network and application performance management platform that allows business application performance monitoring and reporting as well as the monitoring and reporting of the network infrastructure used to deliver those applications


5View SDM deployment in a business services environment—powerful, multi-tenant, scalable architecture



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