AirAccess Wireless Network Emurators

The AirAccess family of wireless network emulators is designed to provide a complete and realistic network for testing mobile devices in the lab. 2010 brings the newest member of the AirAccess family: the eAirAccess emulator for multiple Radio Access Tech

The industry-standard AirAccess emulator (without the ‘e’) continues to be the world’s foremost solution for CDMA 1X and EV-DO Rev0/RevA/RevB mobile network emulation.

No matter which AirAccess system you choose, it is built around a real-time hardware state machine and extensive network-element emulation. Unlike script-driven network emulation, AirAccess products provide network-like timing (helping you eliminate those time-related bugs that wreak havoc in the field) and realistic responses to all the messaging implemented on the DUT.

Applications testing (VoIP, for example), adversarial testing, handoff testing, and much more become easy with AirAccess’ intuitive GUI. Detailed message logging and decoding minimize the time required for comprehensive message analysis and debugging. Test with the confidence that comes from knowing your test station includes a complete emulation of the network so your data testing is performed using the most realistic network scenarios.

AirAccess is also designed to be the most scalable solution on the market, so your testing capabilities grow as your requirements change. You can start with a single-cell call box and add components to create a fully automated system for testing CDMA/EV-DO devices, LTE devices, or the multi-mode devices that will be rolled out along with LTE service.



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