8100 Location Technology

Comprehensive, End-to-End Location Technology Testing\r\n\r\nSpirent’s 8100 Location Technology is the evolution of the solution known for years as the “Spirent ULTS”. It offers the most advanced, comprehensive environment available for testing A-GPS/GL

Key Test Areas

  • Protocol verification
  • RF performance
  • Conformance/certification
  • Operator acceptance
  • Chipset development

Location testing can be performed for standalone or hybrid location technology using A-GPS and A-GLONASS with Wi-Fi, Cell ID and ECID. This fully automated, flexible and configurable solution offers Control and User Plane implementations, including complete SUPL support.

GNSS and Wi-Fi Environment Emulation for Indoor and Outdoor LBS

The 8100 Location Technology solution includes A-GPS, A-GLONASS and Wi-Fi testing based on Spirent’s industry-leading satellite navigation solutions. The system helps to ensure the success of location-based services in all locations including challenging indoor locations, a key part of providing a compelling user experience.

The 8100 Location Technology includes A-GPS, A-GLONASS on Spirent’s industry-leading satellite navigation solutions, GSS6560 the GSS6700 or GSS8000. In addition to GNSS, Spirent GSS5700 Wi-Fi emulator and tester, helps to ensure the success of location-based services everywhere including the more challenging indoor locations, a key part of providing a compelling user experience.

Leading Edge Conformance and Performance Testing

Spirent’s 8100 Location Technology solution fully supports A-GPS conformance tests in compliance with all applicable standards tests:

  • GCF/PTCRB RF Minimum Performance
  • Signaling Conformance
  • OMA SUPL 1.0 and SUPL 2.0

Spirent continues to be the leader in LBS Performance testing with features that include user-defined SMLC and SUPL server parameters, customized GPS satellite scenarios and sweep-parameter test suites. This enables to create, store and run any combination of tests on demand, such as:

  • Advanced protocol testing
  • Handover testing
  • Complex GNSS environment modeling

SMLC and SUPL Server Emulation Offers Flexibility and Control to Positioning Session

With Spirent SMLC Emulator (SSE) users can fully control and manage the content of exchanged messages between the SMLC and the UE. The Spirent SUPL emulator and application server supports both OMA SUPL V1.0 and V2.0 and allows parameter configuration including call flows (Network Initiated or SET Initiated).

Over-The-Air LBS Testing

The A-GPS Over-the-Air option fully supports the CTIA A-GPS OTA test plan as well enabling configurable custom test creation using the easy-to-use API, or via automation software available from the leading chamber manufacturers (ETS-Lindgren and SATIMO).

Scalable Platform

  • Solutions range from bench-top R&D test systems to complete conformance rack
  • A baseband interface configuration (ULTS-ADS) for A-GPS chipsets/module developmen


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