iNETest Resources' Functional Solutions team offers system integration and customized test in the printed-circuit board assembly lines; designing a wide range of test fixtures, test and measurement equipments, embedded controllers for various test applications using state-of-the-art wireless fixtures, short wire probe access designs and many more.

We have a team of experienced functional test engineers, well equipped with knowledge and capabilities to help you plan and design a suitable test system to meet your requirements.

To serve our customers better, we make after sales services and technical support, an integral component of our business as we strive to achieve continuous innovation and total customer satisfaction.


The iNETest RF Module Testeris a must-have tester for manufacturers within the communications industry, where both the need for reliability and quality assurance is paramount to one's reputation.

The RF Module Tester provides users with the ability to test the proper frequency modulation of the input audio analog signal of the DUT, ensuring that products are manufactured according to the specifications outlined.

Such checks for defect when implemented during the product design stage increases the certainty that the product has passed quality checks and met quality assurance standards, ensuring unnecessary reworks which can translate into huge cost savings for the organization.

The RF Module Tester is made up of National Instruments LabVIEW ver 6.0, along with various Agilent precision Test & Measurement instruments, such as the Digital Multi-Meter, the RF Signal Generator, the Programmable DC Power Supply, the Spectrum Analyzer.

The iNETest I/O Peripheral/Motherboard Tester is in a class of its own, widely used by PCI Bus-based peripheral manufacturers to test the reliability and quality of the expansion cards.

The flexibility of this machine makes it a universal tester for PCI Bus which has become the most common interface for input and output devices; software used can be highly customized according to the client's needs and specifications.

This tester makes use of the various International Test Technologies solutions, including its renowned test and hardware debug solutions for micro-processor based boards.

 The iNETest Digital Radio Communication Tester is yet another device widely used in the communications industry, specifically by the Military and Defense Unit, where the need for precision when transmitting top secret messages is imperative and vital.

With this Digital Radio Communication Tester, one can ensure that the transmission signal does not create unacceptable levels (in accordance with the client's specifications) of harmonious interference, co channel interference.

The Digital Radio Communication Tester deploys the use of Microsoft Visual Basics, coupled with several Agilent Test and Measurement equipments, including the Agilent Digital Multi-Meter, the Spectrum Analyzer and the Network Analyzer.

The iNETest Car Panel Systemis largely used by manufacturers in the automotive industry, in the assembling of the display car panels in automobiles.

The car panel is an important component in the construction process as its embedded CPUs allow for communication through CAN buses.

With its ability to measure gauge motor offset and calibrate gauges, its user friendly interface and graphic display allow for quick and efficient use of the system

The iNETest Power Supply Test Systemis a must-have for power supply manufacturers. This automated safety test system enables one to test switch mode DC power supplies.

Comprising of a Digital Multi Meter, AC/DC Power Source, Electronics Load, Safety Tester and an Oscilloscope, this power supply test system is also able to tabulate and store into databases the test results.

The iNETest Trap Monitoring Systemis an IT based solution which allows users to monitor the health of the system through various alarm notifications, such as via pager, email and SMS etc...

This device, based on JAVA Programming Language, helps to trigger off any necessary recourse action when situation arises within the system, be it a crisis in the production line, the manufacturing line or within the security system. The communication of the notifications can be customized accordingly.

 The iNETest Transmitter and Receiver Test System is a state-of-the-art technology designed for the wireless electronics industry. You can find such a system built into a wireless surround speaker in your wireless home entertainment unit.

The TX is attached to the main unit of the home theatre system whilst the RX is mounted inside the surround speaker. With these two boards communicating with each other, music data is able to be transmitted from the main unit to the speakers wirelessly.

Made up of a Spectrum Analyzer, an Audio Analyzer and MIO DAQ card, this technology brings us right into the 21st century of wireless living.

The iNETest Disk Drive Test Solution is a cost effective system which is used to test the hard drive disc operation. The system is designed using C/C++ programming which is time critical on the measurement. The capacitance probe is used to access the parking location of the disc. Therefore, the system is designed with the precision fixture to ensure its accuracy.
The iNETest LCD and Camera pixel test system are used to test and detect the LCD monitor pixel defective and camera Lens pixel defective. The system is designed using image technology to do the analysis.


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