ATE Shanghai has more than 15 years experience in manufacturing test fixtures, providing high quality and high value Test & Automation Test systems, MDA & ICT test fixture.

To support our customers and resources, ATE Technology has a team of professional Service Engineers based in Shanghai and Shenzhen with a vast background of experience and expertise, trained to ensure prompt response and minimize downtime for our valued customers.

Our customers count among some of the leading companies in the world with Agilent Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Philips and many more.

With a wide range of products from Functional and Automated Test Solutions to Emerson and Cuming, ATE Technology definitely has something to match your requirements, to your satisfaction.

We fabricate and customize in-circuit fixtures for testers made by Agilent Technologies, GenRad, Teradyne and others.

Customers know they can come to us for the latest technology and the utmost precision. Our engineers have developed Fixture Design Assistant, a proprietary program suite that translates electronic files into automated instructions for fixture fabrication. Each fixture is carefully designed for contacting test targets. We routinely use spring probes to contact BGAs, Micro BGAs and micro vias as small as 0.012, and test pads as small as 0.018 on both the top and bottom of circuit boards.

When spring-loaded probes aren't practical, we use Thru-Connector tests to contact connectors on any surface or edge of a circuit board. These tests can be implemented by a number of methods: spring probes, mating connectors, sacrificial SMT connectors, and stabber cards. We have used stabber cards for SCSI, PCI, PCMCIA, AGP, DIMM, and Slot 1 and 2 connectors.

Other range of products include:

Thermal Conductive Material
High Temperature Label
Professional Printer
Conductive/Non-Conductive Adhesive
Thermal Conductive Adhesive and Encapsulant
Special Coating Material
Electric / Pneumatic screwdrivers
passive component


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