Inscriber G-Series Single Source

Inscriber® G-Series™ - The Single Source Solution for Real-time HD/SD Graphics

Live Production Graphics
Inscriber G-Series™ - The Single Source Solution for Real-time HD/SD Graphics
Single Source Graphics Solution

The Inscriber G-Series™ product family introduces a technological breakthrough as the single source solution for superior HD/SD real-time broadcast graphics. Inscriber G-Series has everything you need to create the captivating on-air look you want – all in a single, powerful turnkey system. Designed to meet the demands of fast paced, live-to-air production including live news, sports, elections and entertainment, the Inscriber G-Series family provides unparalleled workflow optimization and integration, exceptional creative flexibility, affordable scalability and more.
Powerful Integrated Functionality

G-Scribe™ is the software that drives this commanding graphics solution. Consisting of a suite of design tools including a character generator (CG), sequencer, FX key frame animation editor, media store database, optional multi-layer paint tool, frame grab program and 3DFlyby™ module. G-Scribe enables a complete graphics solution.
Leveraging the power of G-Scribe, Inscriber G-Series offers a range of functionality to meet your broadcasting goals including real-time animation and 3D FlyBy; a comprehensive Media Store; multiple-format clips; and our unique OverLay™ feature which enables elements to remain visible, and individually controlled, while messages and pages are being changed. Add to this, the ability to interface seamlessly in an automated or news/sports environment through standard MOS protocol or our unique Direct Control application, plus integrate customized and third-party applications without having to use a separate device and it is easy to see that Inscriber G-Series is a gr
SD/HD Switchable

Delivering the ultimate in flexibility, Inscriber G-Series ensures you have the best performing system for the present and the future with the ability to output in either SD or HD. Even if you purchase an exclusively SD system, you can affordably upgrade to an SD/HD switchable system to make the most of your investment. Inscriber G-Series is a feature-rich and scalable product built for your demanding station environment.
A Solution for Every Need
Because your graphics requirements are unique, we offer two different solutions geared to meet your specific broadcast needs and budget.
Inscriber G1 is offered exclusively as SD and is available in single or dual channel configurations.
Inscriber G3 is SD/HD switchable and is available in single or dual channel configurations.
Unlimited Creativity
The numerous creative tools available with Inscriber G-Series means you can quickly and in real-time, create and playout effects that will make your production stand out.
Strata Compositing™

Gone are the days of having to utilize multiple keyers on your switcher to achieve a rich layered graphical look. Strata Compositing allows what appear to be separate channels to output as one channel. This feature enables real time compositing of multiple independently controllable virtual channels, into a single physical channel. Unique to Inscriber G-Series, all of the compositing is done within the Inscriber G-Series Sequencer module. Benefit from sophisticated compositing that reduces the number of physical output channels required. Strata is included with Inscriber G1 and Inscriber G3 systems.
3D Flyby™ (available early 2007)
Inscriber G-Series delivers unprecedented real-time 3D animation. Import and play 3D FlybyTM and stunning 3D transitions. 3D Flyby allows users to import and play mapped 3D objects. Within Inscriber G-Series, you can perform a match move process by importing 3D positioning which allows you to match text or a logo to a 3D rendered carrier graphic. Enhance the sports news with a dynamic 3D leader board. Having already imported the rendered graphic once, you can easily update your leader board every night by simply changing the text. Also, create compelling animated transitions between CG events to dramatically strengthen your production.
OverLay allows you to build and control three additional layers of graphics on top of your current output without having to use additional channels. The objects output with OverLay remain on top of other objects and operate without disruption. These layers operate completely independently of other objects, making them easy to control. With OverLay you can easily insert and hide clocks, timers, still or animated logos, bugs, channel IDs, lower thirds, scoreboards, over the shoulder graphics, crawls and more. Crawls can be looped continuously and when linked to external data sources via Inscriber’s ODBC option, have its content automatically updated.
Extraordinary Text Effects
Choose from a variety of templates from which to define your own looks. Create unlimited custom looks with the option to change the face, edge, depth, shadow and style of any text. Wild neon colors, luminous glow effects and an endless variety of edges are just some of the options available.
Clip Playback Option
Use Inscriber G-Series to apply motion video to any surface, including backgrounds, text or objects. Clip Playback’s codecs support all of the main video formats including MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, Flash, QuickTime, WMF and more. The motion background composites seamlessly with the CG elements in the same way a static background or color on the face of text does, except that is has motion. CG operators are provided with a looping function to play long segments of motion behind text. If the character generator changes the text, the moving texture continues to play creating a seamless transition between layouts.
Compliment your important news stories with unlimited types and sources of audio material like EAS, Amber Alerts or weather warnings. Link audio to animations and promotions for added effect.
Paint Option

Is a 32-bit paint and graphics creation plug-in for Inscriber systems with unlimited layering capabilities, image processing and masking tools. Provides native Photoshop file import (.psd) directly into the G-Scribe user environment, maintaining layers. The paint option is available for Inscriber G1 and G3 systems.
Refined Workflow
The many creative and playout tools that G-Scribe™ provides are the basis of the high degree of integrated functionality inherent in Inscriber G-Series™. It is this integrated functionality that provides users a more refined workflow. From the ability to easily interface within a MOS and NRCS environment, to sophisticated compositing and the ability to work offline, Inscriber G-Series lets you do more in less time.
MOS Interface Option
Inscriber G-Series easily integrates into your existing broadcast environment to maximize your MOS investment. When a graphic changes, it is echoed in all of the templates and prompter messages effected by this change. The Inscriber G-Series interface also allows for multiple CGs to be controlled from a single control workstation, without requiring an operator at each CG console. With Inscriber G-Series’ interface to this system, journalists can retrieve and fill templates; simultaneously view graphics at their work stations; and create a play list to ensure the right graphics are with the right story. With full preview functionality, errors can easily and quickly be identified and corrected before going to air.
Automation Interface (A.I.)™
Connect Inscriber G1 or Inscriber G3 systems to newsroom computer systems using industry standard Intelligent Interface. Enables tag filling and display control using a standard serial port protocol which is available from most news vendors including: Harris, AP/ENPS, Autocue, Avid iNews, Compromter, EZ News, Florical, Parkervision and Sundance. Included with Inscriber G1 and Inscriber G3 systems.
Direct Control™ Option
Direct Control is networked graphics control software which offers an innovative way of managing your graphics resources across a LAN. Resources on an Inscriber G-Series system can be viewed and managed from any computer system on the LAN. This streamlined user interface allows for editing, displaying or simple browsing of CG graphics, playlists, news rundowns, templates or template libraries even by those not trained as CG operators. Available as an option with Inscriber G1 and Inscriber G3 systems.
Media Store
This unique still and clip store enables premium content management and realtime retrieval of stills, clips (with clip playback option), animations, logos and full Inscriber pages. Media can be stored without external compression. Media Store has a local storage capacity of at least 50 000 HD uncompressed stills. Conduct advanced metadata searches by size, file type, date or key.
C2i Message Converter™

This award-winning converter quickly and easily converts Chyron iNFiNiT! message files to fully editable Inscriber layouts. On a Windows system, C2i can read Chyron-formatted disks directly (Jaz™, Zip™ and Bernoulli™). When files are converted, C2i adapts RGB logo fonts to Inscriber logos, textures or bitmaps and preserves tab fields and tab field names for use with news automation systems. C2i maximizes your existing investment in legacy equipment by eliminating the need to recreate files.
RTXports™ Option

RTXports provide a simple and convenient interface to third-party software using Inscriber’s fully supported RTX™ API. Run third party applications like school closings, election returns and weather bulletins in conjunction with G-Scribe software on a single system using RTXports.
RapidFire™ Keyboard Option

Our custom RapidFire keyboard follows industry standard commands enabling operators to quickly and effectively recall, take, clear and transfer layouts. Use the customizable ‘pop-in’ feature to edit commonly used text for instant playback and to quickly build new templates.
Strata Compositing
Strata Compositing allows what appear to be separate channels, to output as one channel. This feature enables real-time composting of multiple independently controllable and infinite, virtual channels, into a single physical channel. Unique to Inscriber G-Series, all of the compositing is done within the Inscriber G-Series system.
Single Source Graphics Solution
G-Series consists of a suite of design tools including a character generator (CG), sequencer, FX key frame animation editor, media store database, optional multi-layer paint tool, frame grab program and 3DFlyby™ module.

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