Flashlink Micro

Modules for desktop and standalone applications have until now been associated with medium-low to medium-high performance with little or no reconfiguration possibilities. With Flashlink Micro, those days are gone.

Flashlink Micro, your ideal choice for desktop applications

– High performance video/audio processing and fibre optics made simple

Interchangeable modules

– Initial cost savings combined with a future-proofed upgrade path


Flashlink Micro combines our popular Flashlink modules with compact and cost-effective housings for standalone applications. Because only fully-featured Flashlink modules are utilised in the Flashlink Micro series, the industry can now deploy standalone ruggedised optical solutions without requiring a trade off between form factor and module performance. The best of both worlds can finally be realised with Flashlink Micro.

Minimum setup time

Flashlink Micro ships with an in-line brick power supply (redundant power optional, brick or rack-mount), so you’re up and running in seconds after connecting the self-contained solution’s signal and power cables.

Monitoring and configuration

Flashlink’s control features are the best in the marketplace. Advanced control features such as on board status LED’s and GPI interface as well as RS-422 interface for GYDA-SC control is standard on all modules.

Module re-configuration is easily done with DIP-switches on the module itself or via the GYDA-SC system controller.

Flexible mounting

Various mounting options are available for increased mounting flexibility:
• 1RU Tray for 4 Flashlink Micro modules
• Wall mounting
• On table mounting
• Under the table mounting
• Angled mountings
• Allows stacking of Flashlink Micro module

Maximum functionality

The comprehensive Flashlink Micro range covers a wide variety of functions:
• Audio and Video conversion, processing and synchronisation
• Distribution amplifiers
• Fibre conversion of SDI and HD-SDI signals
• Embedding/de-embedding
• Datacom Interfaces
• Automatic changeover modules for redundancy

Low power consumption

All Flashlink Micro modules are designed to minimise power consumption

Ruggedised enclosure design

The combination of a high reliability design philosophy and ruggedised enclosures means that you can enjoy many years of fault-free Flashlink Micro operation.

Future-proofed upgrade path

Since the boards and back planes of Flashlink Micro are the same as used in the Flashlink 2RU modular frame, the roadmap to
future system expansion is clear and straight forward. Interchangeable boards means that all Flashlink Micro modules are automatically compliant with relevant broadcast standards, as for the Flashlink 2RU modular system.




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