Flashlink housings

The most flexible system in the market place

The range of different housings for the Flashlink system makes Flashlink the most flexible modular system on the market. The same modules can be used for a wide variety of applications, significantly reducing inventory through eliminating the need to stock multiple spares.

Flashlink is the ideal solution for all applications: from desktop applications through state of the art fibre optical networks to the most challenging outside broadcast environments.

Look no further, Flashlink has been designed to exceed all your expectations.

altFlashlink 2RU frame

For rack-mount solutions, the Flashlink 2RU frame holds up to 10 modules + dual power supply, which can house the world’s most compact 16-channel CWDM system.



  • altThe most compact and lightweight 3RU mobile transport housing available
  •  Holds a Flashlink 2RU frame
  • Only 12kg fully populated with redundant power supply



  • A rugged housing for desktop or standalone applications, holds one module
  • Used for the Flashlink Micro product range


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