Signal & Spectrum Analyzers

From DC to 325 GHz, choose from a growing selection of signal and spectrum analyzer capabilities to analyze distortion, spurious, phase noise, and 2G to 4G wireless communication measurements. Combine 89600 Vector Signal Analysis or flexible modulation an

- PSA Series High-Performance Spectrum Analyzer :

The Agilent PSA Series spectrum analyzer offers high-performance spectrum analysis up to 50 GHz with a leading-edge combination of analysis bandwidth, flexibility, speed, accuracy, and dynamic range.

New! 300 MHz bandwidth vector signal measurements to 50 GHz

New! Industry's first 80/40 MHz bandwidth digitizer on 44 GHz and 50 GHz models

View the PSA wide bandwidth digitizer flash demo

PSA Power Suite One-Button Power Measurements

- 89600S VXI-Based Vector Signal Analyzer

  • Easily substitute a mainframe, include other VXI modules, or add a baseband and RF vector signal analyzer systems to a mainframe
  • Three different VXI mainframe sizes: 4-slot, 6-slot, and 13-slot *
  • Phase-coherent two channel baseband or RF operation is available
  • Up to 384 MSa signal capture memory available

- 8560EC Series Portable Spectrum Analyzer

Product discontinuance is planned for 8560EC, 8562EC, and 8563EC. These RF and microwave models of 856xEC family are scheduled to be discontinued on September 1, 2009. The mmWave models (8564EC and 8565EC) will remain available. For more information, please refer to the 856xE/EC Migration Assistance.

A great general purpose high performance spectrum analyzer family. The only rugged portable spectrum analyzer with pre-selection to 50 GHz and a complete range of external mixers to 110 GHz. Key measurement personalities such as integrated phase noise, make this analyzer family ideally suited for work on aerospace, defense and commercial RF, microwave, and mm-wave.

The 8560EC Series spectrum analyzers offer outstanding specifications for sensitivity, phase noise, the second and third order dynamic range, and the voltage standing wave ratio (VWSR).

A full line of spectrum analyzers, from RF through millimeter, with a common user interface and programming language, will provide customers the best solutions for their variety of test and measurement applications.

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