The proprietary ADC chipsets in the Agilent Technologies Acqiris high-speed digitizers are designed for the specific purpose of optimizing high-speed ADC performance. The analog front-end technology provides the signal conditioning

The Acqiris high-speed digitizer product line provides a range of 500 MS/s, 1 GS/s, 2 GS/s, 4 GS/s and 8 GS/s high-speed digitizer cards with 8-, 10- and 12-bit resolution, wide bandwidths and large acquisition memories. These products, in PCI, PXI, cPCI, and VME formats, are used in research, ATE and OEM applications in industries as wide spread as Biotechnology, Semiconductors, Aerospace, Physics, and Astronomy.                                                                                          

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                                                                                Using high-speed digitizers for Test and Measurement applications


                                                                                Using high-speed digitizers for Embedded OEM applications


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