The Agilent pulse generator family offers the most comprehensive choices for your needs. Select a pulse generator, pulse pattern generator, pulse data generator and/or pulse function generator to compare and find the most suitable product to meet your need

Protocol Testing for High Speed Serial busses in Computer, Embedded Systems, Mobile devices and Wireless infrastructure

The E8257D PSG analog signal generator delivers industry-leading output power, level accuracy, and phase noise performance up to 67 GHz (operational to 70 GHz). The PSG analog signal generator's high output power and superior level accuracy often eliminate

Agilent is the #1 Frequency Counter vendor in the world. Why? Because we offer a wide variety of time and frequency measurements with exceptional performance and reliability

Power to advance your test Whether your device needs a quick check or a detailed assessment, ensure great measurements with the precision, reliability and flexibility of Agilent DC power supplies.

Agilent offers the widest selection of signal generators from baseband to 67 GHz, with frequency extensions to 325 GHz. From basic to advanced functionality, each signal generator delivers benchmark performance in its class to address your test requirement

From DC to 325 GHz, choose from a growing selection of signal and spectrum analyzer capabilities to analyze distortion, spurious, phase noise, and 2G to 4G wireless communication measurements. Combine 89600 Vector Signal Analysis or flexible modulation an

An Agilent logic analyzer helps you minimize project risk by providing the most reliable, accurate measurements and the most complete view of system behavior. A comprehensive family of products offers the measurement capabilities, probing, application

Digital sources for functional and parametric tests. Whether you require powerful pulses for the latest generation of laser diodes, need to characterize a high-speed serial bus device at the physical layer or need to get a detailed insight into your system

From 10 Hz to 1.05 THz, choose from a growing selection of RF and microwave network analyzers to measure S-parameters, insertion loss, gain, return loss, balanced parameters, differential measurements, compression, distortion, and noise figure.

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